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Kane and able

November 3rd, 2014

Writer and broadcaster Paul Hawksbee, joins Ant, Crackers and Kayv to chew the fat, on the up and down fortunes of our beloved club. From boardroom to boot room, we look at how things could improve, and the importance of backing Pochettino. We preview the upcoming games for November, and of course, wrap up the whole thing with yet another awful sh*t quiz 


hokey cokey cloakey

October 2nd, 2014

Joining Ant, Crackers and Kayv in the SNK studios this episode, is award winning author and journalist Martin Cloake. We look at the very differing versions of Spurs that have turned up for games over the last month and try to decide which one will turn up in the games ahead.

On the phone is TV host and stand up comedian Mike McClean to give us a preview of our game versus Man City.
The whole thing, of course, finishes with the sh*t quiz, its or worst ever, and that takes some doing! COYS  

Bad egg sandwich on a sunny day

August 27th, 2014

We're back back back 

First show of the season, and the always brilliant Micky Hazard joins Ant, Crackers and Kayv in the SNK Studios. 
We look at the brilliant start to the season, with Micky giving us his expert opinion on why Pochettino's style may just be the one we've all wanted.
Scott Robinson from the band 5ive joins us on the phone, to preview the North London derby, and star of screen and stage, Louis Emerick previews the upcoming Liverpool match.
Its great to be back, and yes, of course, the shit quiz is back in all its terrible glory

Big Dogs Dont Bark

May 14th, 2014

Award winning journalist Tom Edwards joins Ant Crackers and Kayv at the SNK studios to review the not so vintage season. We also chew the fat over who would be the best man to fill the gilet! Some out the box thinking on a couple of new defenders sparks a debate. And of course the quiz is as dreadful as ever. Thank you all for the love this season 


Oh Carol

April 15th, 2014

1984 UEFA cup winner Mark Falco & actor Vas Blackwood join us in the SNK studios for April's show. We look at what makes or breaks a football coach, and when we say coach, we mean both the man in a gilet and the bus that takes players to away games!

A mad intro an even madder quiz sandwich what is really 'one of them shows'

It’s enough to make you swear

March 13th, 2014

Troy Townsend and Darren Hart make a triumphant return to the SNK studios to give Ant Crackers and Kayvan their thoughts on what is rapidly becoming a disappointing season. Scott Robinson from the band Five is on the phone to preview the North London derby (only one of us north London) and of course we lighten the mood at the end with yet another dreadful shit quiz. *This show may contain some finger pointing and forthright views on what's going on at Spurs  


Capoue’s car park

January 22nd, 2014

Ant, Crackers and Kayvan are joined by writer, broadcaster and co-host of Baker and Kelly's VSPO on BT Sport, the brilliant Danny Kelly.

 We look at the ins and outs, of the managerial ins and outs, as well as the on the pitch action. Actor Kevin Kennedy is on the phone to preview the Spurs/Man City game. 
And of course the show wraps up with the shenanigans of the quiz 'Copa earful of this' 
Enjoy and COYS

The crying game

November 13th, 2013

Ant & Crackers are joined this month in the SNK studios by Sky sports fanzoner Jamie Gascoigne and technology PR  'guru' Andy Gray. 
Kayvan, the shows Sandro drops in with his, as ever, wise words on Spurs too.
Jamie & Crackers reminisce about the days in the fanzone booth and Andy gives us the tales of a couple of family moments where his emotions got the better of him whilst following our beloved THFC. 

The show is this month is brought to you in association with Crisis charity and their Crisis at Christmas campaign.


To Hull and back

October 12th, 2013

Joining Ant and Crackers in the studio this month is Fighting Cock podcaster and 1882 support movement mover and shaker Flav. Alongside Flav we have from Soccer a.m Adam Smith aka the brilliant Franky Fryer. 
Kayvan on the wheels of steel gives us his views on all things Spurs. 

Sam Kane is on the phone to preview the upcoming Everton game, and of course we wrap things up with yet another shit quiz that of course has no expense spent on the production ! 


Juan Direction

September 9th, 2013

We're back for the new season, with studio guests, former Tottenham and Northern Ireland footballer Paul McVeigh, telling us all about his critically acclaimed new book 'The stupid footballer is dead'.

And alongside Paul is Sky sports news journalist and author of the official Tottenham Hotspur album Michael Bridge.
We also welcome to the regular 'chat squad' (how very 'Partridge') the show's producer Kayvan.
Darren Eadie joins us on the phone to preview the Tottenham/Norwich game and to tell us all about the wonderful charity sellebrity
And of course the quiz is back again and as shit as ever! but with a very special mystery guest on the phone to help ask those awful questions


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